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Modern Contact Lenses

Imagine contact lenses that can be worn continuously for a month, day and night. Lens designs that may reduce the progression of short sightedness. Lenses that exude lubricants with every blink. Lenses that spin themselves round on the eye to provide different powers along different meridians. Lenses that incorporate multifocal powers to allow far and near focus for people who normally need reading spectacles. Lenses to enhance eye colour and detail. All of these lenses are with us now.

The time that contact lenses were made of a perspex type material that seemed to require the wearer and friends to regularly hunt for lenses on the floor is long past. Rigid lenses are now more refined than ever before with the advent of modern oxygen permeable polymers and computer controlled lathes to control lens fit. Nonetheless the advent of  ‘soft' lens materials has reshaped today’s world of contact lens wear. Today’s soft contact lenses are for the most part remarkably comfortable and clear on the first fit.

Daily Disposable Lenses

Nowadays 'daily disposable' lenses are incredibly popular, being simple to use and with the appeal of a hygienic fresh lens every day. Comfort is fantastic and problems are minimal. Our daily disposable lens of choice is the Ciba Aquacomfort Plus. We mainly use these for their triple lubrication properties. The solution in the pack contains a wetting agent for comfort on insertion and the lenses contain a lubricant which is exuded as we blink to combat the dry eye sensation so often experienced indoors and in air conditioning by lens wearers.

Ciba vision have now released an even more advanced lens: the  new Daily Total 1 lens which is providing a revolution in comfort. Our feedback to date suggests that it is the most comfortable contact lens yet. The lenses contain a silicone polymer in the central zone to enhance oxygen transmission while the outer surfaces of the lenses contain more water (80%) to match the natural tear film.  The resulting water gradient design and surface lubricity have prompted the manufacturers to offer a 'satisfaction or your money back' guarantee.

Am I too young for contact lenses?

No. Contact lenses are fitted to babies if necessary for medical reasons. Children and teenagers who need spectacles can be considered for contact lenses once they are able to handle and clean them properly. Any contact lens wearer must also be able to remove a lens if it is uncomfortable and seek our advice if the discomfort persists. These are minimum levels of responsibility

Are there any risks with contact lens wear?

Yes. The greatest risk in an increased chance of a corneal infection. A contact lens can be a home for bacteria, fungus or amoeba which in turn can invade the cornea. You minimise your risks by following our hygiene and lens cleaning advice and attending regular aftercare checks. Bacterial corneal infection is the most prevalent with a risk of  about one in ten thousand per year. Wearing contact lenses on a daily basis increases that risk to about one in two thousand per year. Sleeping in contact lenses increases the risk again. Our open-door policy to contact lens wearers with problems ensures that you have peace of mind and prompt professional attention.

I only need reading glasses - can I still wear contact lenses?

You can, but if your distance vision blurs when you put your reading glasses on then contact lenses are less likely to be successful. We regularly fit multifocal contact lenses, or reading lenses to one eye though in an effort to improve reading without spectacles.

I Have Dry Eyes

You may have been told that your eyes are too dry for contact lenses. This could still be a problem but in recent years there have been many advances in lens materials that can allow comfortable lens wear in individuals who previously discontinued wear due to discomfort. DailesTotal1 are just such a lens. If you tried lenses in the past but gave up due to discomfort you can enquire about a trial with these new lenses.


Most people have astigmatism, but monthly soft lenses now have an enormous range of parameters that allow correction of the ususal range of refractive errors. Even the dailies are supplied in ever increasing power ranges.

For certain complex prescriptions, irregular corneas or for optical benefits we may recommend the gas permeable lenses. Far from being old fashioned these lenses, in their wide range modern polymers and parameters provide excellent optical correction as well as having a superb safety record.

Arranging a Trial

Before booking a trial it’s a good idea to speak with a member of staff about the types of contact lenses that may be suitable for your prescription and the type of wear that you may want (e.g. full time, sports or social). In fact contact lenses can only legally be fitted to someone with an up to date eye examination (usually that means within two years). If you are due for an eye examination then this is an ideal point at which to discuss your options with the optometrist. We carry an extensive range of trial lenses but an advance discussion gives us a chance to order diagnostic lenses of different materials and powers if  necessary.

Inserting a soft contact lens

A gas permeable lens

Contact Lenses at Smith and Walker Our contact lenses are only fitted by qualified optometrists. All contact lens checks are made with a qualified optometrist.

Modern Contact Lenses

Daily disposeable

Am I too young for contact lenses?

Are there any risks with Contact Lens wear?

I only need reading glasses – can I still get contact lenses?

Dry Eyes


How Do I arrange a trial?

Show your eyes

Initial Fitting: fee £39 - Includes fitting, trial lenses, solution starter pack, instruction on insertion, removal and lens care and a follow up visit to discuss the vision comfort and lens suitability.

Direct Debit: plans from £13.50 per month

Covers the cost of lenses and check ups plus discounted spectacle costs

 - full details are provided in our practices.

Insertion and Removal of soft lenses

Contact Lens Insertion Video