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Smith and Walker (Optometrists) Ltd.

You may be eligible for an NHS eye examination at no charge: for details see here. Most people can only have an NHS sight test once every 2 years, but there are exceptions see here.

Private Eye Examination                                    £29.50

We look for signs of injury, abnormality and disease and provide you with a copy of your spectacle prescription

Enhanced Eye Examination Private*                  £54.50

Enhanced Examination with NHS sight test*     £25.00  

Our Enhanced eye examination allocates extra time for a much more detailed eye examination. This will normally include the OCT eye health Scan with digital photography.        


Contact Lens check**                                        £39.00

Please come to this check wearing your contact lenses (unless they are uncomfortable). We will discuss any difficulties that you may be experiencing and check the contact lens fit, power and suitability. At the end of this examination we are usually able to issue a contact lens prescription for the coming year.

You can also book this appointment slot if you are having difficulties with your contact lenses.

OCT appointment***                        £40.00

Retinal photography***                    £10.00

DVLA HGV form completion             £20.00

Colorimetry*                                         £50.00

*Currently only available in our Barton-upon-Humber practice.    


** If you are on our  contact lens direct debit scheme then there will be no charge for this appointment.

*** these procedures are done at no extra charge within the enhanced examination